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Who and What is P2Vme?

Who is P2Vme?

I am P2Vme aka Phillip Jones and I work in the virtualization and end user computing space and have been in the Information Technology (IT) Field for over fifteen years. I am now an Independent Consultant and Owner at P2Vme Consulting Services, LLC.

What is P2Vme Consulting Services?

P2Vme Consulting Services is my company created and dedicated to providing top notch Consulting Services projects focused around solving problems for customers and providing education services around Virtualization and End User Computing.

In May 2015 I made the first step of a journey to go independent to live the life of an IT Ronin or mercenary with the sole purpose of helping others solve problems, achieve their goals,  and continue my own personal non-stop quest for learning and share what information I have pieced together over the years.

With a fairly wide background from Unix, Linux, Telecom, Datacenter Infrastructure, Virtualization, Windows Core Infrastructure and End User Computing I mainly focus my work and efforts currently on Citrix, VMware and Microsoft solutions for a variety of sectors including HealthCare, Financial and the Public/Private sector.

So why P2Vme??

Years ago I worked for a great manager and now friend Robert Upson who casually said one day to me. “Man I wish I could virtualize you and clone a team out of you”.. it became somewhat of a running gag the he wanted to “P2V” me so I started to use the handle here and there and it stuck.

How I got here..

I have been working with computers most of my life and knew early on that this is something that I wanted to do. My first experiences with computers were building and repairing 286 and 386 computers.  Currently I specialize in virtualization technologies from Citrix and VMware but I have a wide breadth of experience across various technologies you may find in most Enterprises and even small businesses

With well over 15 years of working with computers I have seen and done a lot and have a wealth of experience in numerous areas including, networking, telecommunications, systems and application administration. For the last several years, it has been focused on designing, deploying and managing VMware platforms and large Citrix environments.

Prior to going Independent, I was a Mobility Architect at Varrow, focusing on End User Computing. Varrow was acquired by Sirius Computer Solutions in April 2015.

And before Varrow, I worked with Glasshouse as a subcontractor for Citrix Consulting Services (direct) focused on design, and delivery of Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp solutions.

I have held many certifications including my VCP, MCSE, CCIE, CCE Apps & Desktops (XD7 cert), Network+, RHCA and more…

I am originally from Roanoke, VA aka The Star City and currently reside in Christiansburg VA next door to the home of the Virginia Tech Hokies (Go Hokies!!).

I am a lucky man married to a wonderful woman who puts up with me. We have four boys that keep us very busy between various activities including cub/boy scouts, basketball, and exploring the majestic Appalachian mountains.

Feel free to Email Me, Find me on or comment below as all comments are welcome and encouraged for any reason.


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