VMware Fusion 5 New Features and Professional Version

I have been using VMware Fusion on Macs for several years. I even deployed the Autolab on my Mac for a fully nested HA VMware solution. I need more RAM to run everything in the lab well but that is a different story. But on to the real story VMware released VMware Fusion 5 today with over 70 new features and a new Professional Version. I am pretty excited about this release as it has a lot of bang for the buck.


  • Optimized for Mountain Lion (latest OS release for Mac devices)
  • Windows 8 support (Microsoft’s latest desktop OS set to be released soon)
  • Optimized support for Retina Display (Sadly mine is not a Retina display)
  • Virtualized VT-X/EPT (Run 64-bit operating systems inside a nested hypervisor such as ESXi)
  • OVF Import
  • 70 Plus new Features 
  • VIX (VMware Fusion 5 Professional is now scriptable using Perl in addition to Apple Script. Automate common tasks including virtual machine management, power operations and file manipulations using the same VIX API as other VMware products.)


Professional Version

  • Mass deployment features (good for Enterprises, I have seen many companies that could use this)
  •  Network Editor ( Great add, I have been using UBER Network Fuser by Nick Weaver aka @Lynxbat on Twitter for this functionality)

The standard version of Fusion 5 is available now for $49.99, but people who bought Fusion 4 since the release of Mountain Lion can upgrade for free. There’s also a professional version ($100 for one license)

For more information please visit the offical VMware Fusion Site