Cyber Monday : Free VCP 5 Study Guide

It has been a while since I have posted anything (expect more soon) but in the tradition of Cyber Monday where everyone is trying to sell things, I have decided to give something away for free. A copy of Brian Atkinson’s VCP 5 Study Guide. This is a solid book for studying for the VCP5 written by a fellow vExpert.

Rules: simple, post a comment below and next Monday I will pick a random post and mail them a copy of the book, no strings attached.

11 Responses to Cyber Monday : Free VCP 5 Study Guide

  1. Wow… nice… I need this book as I'm close to the exam…

  2. this would be so awesome. Thanks appreciate it

  3. Thanks for doing this.

  4. That a great idea. Thanks!

  5. Hi This is nice to see. It is right way to share the best books because most of them not aware how helpful. I am looking on this sample pages. it is very nice. Keep sharing. If i am lucky to get the copy of this book. So i will be soon finish the VCP5 Exam.

  6. JOeMon Please reach out to me at phjones79 AT gmail DOT com, your the lucky winner

  7. All members of our Infra team are looking to pass the VCP. I would really be of great benefit to us to have this material for our review.