Cisco UCS vCenter Plug-In for vSphere 5.1 Web Client

Cisco released a vSphere vCenter plugin for Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS vCenter Plug-in is an extension for the vSphere Web Client v5.1 or higher. It enables virtualization administrators to view, manage and monitor various aspects of Cisco UCS physical infrastructure. The result is a single pane of glass for Virtual Center users to get both physical and virtual infrastructure information for a given hypervisor.
The zip file contains

  1. The actual plugin zip file  (
  2. EULA (EULA.pdf)
  3. A quick start guide (Cisco UCS vCenter Plug-in 0.9.1 Quick Start Guide.pdf)
  4. Plugin registration tool (RegisterVCPlugin.exe)
  5. A Readme for the installer (RegisterVCPlugin-README.txt)

 New features added in VCenter plugin 0.9.1.

  • Cisco UCS Physical hierarchy view.

  • Overall health of server and other infrastructure components.
  • Maps UCS servers to ESX hosts.
  • Inventory, installed firmware, faults, power and temperature statistics for each server/ESX host.
  • KVM launch for all ESX and non ESX servers.
  • Toggle locator LED and launch UCSM GUI for each server.
  • Registration tool for registering the plugin with the vCenter. 

    Download the plugin here. (Requires Login)