DHCP on Nexus 7k not working with Netflow enabled

Recently I ran into an issue that was quite perplexing.

Issue: DHCP does not work on the Nexus 7k with Netflow enabled

Symptoms: DHCP not handing out addresses (Citrix Provisioning Environment using DHCP + TFTP options in scope).
Not everyone runs DHCP in their datacenter server based networks but in VDI or End User Computing envornments running Citrix, VMware or other solutions this is a common practice so you may run into this issue if Netflow is enabled.

Workaround: When you remove the ip monitor netflow input, you need to bounce the l3 interface to take a effect.

Fix: This is fixed in an upcoming release, see the Bugfix below for more details.

Cisco Bugfix Report (requires login)

Cisco Forum post on issue