These are a few of my favorite things: Podcasts

I drive… a lot and one of my favorite things to do when driving is listen to training and podcasts. There are a lot of good podcasts out there and I decided to post some of them that I listen to and ask what podcasts you listen to…

I am only going to list the ones that are technology related for me, mostly focused on VMware, Citrix and end user computing (EUC).  I have broken them up into groups below. I also encourage you to join live when you can, sometimes the best moments are after the recordings stop 🙂

IT – Lots of topics covered

  • The Current Status 
  • Geek Whisperers
    • Description
      • Focused on Social Media and Community for Enterprise, our home base is High Tech, but we all look far beyond our field and current communities for inspiration.
    • Official Page
    • iTunes Link
  • Size Matters 
    • Description
      • Size Matters is a podcast focused on enabling small business IT pro’s. Topics range from technology deep dives to more business focused topics to help IT people not only become more proficient with technology, but in support the organization.
    • Official page
    • iTunes Link


  • vBrownBag- Not really a podcast but worth listening and watching
    • Description
      • The ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag is a series of online webinars held using GotoMeeting and covering various Virtualization & VMware Certification topics.
  • VMware Communities Roundtable – Long running podcast with over 300 episodes
    • Description
      • Virtualization news from VMware and the community of virtualization users, including the VMware Communities and VMTN, the VMware Technology Network.
  • Virtualization Security Roundtable 
    • Description
      •  Security Round Table Podcast provides an open forum to discuss all things related to Virtualization, Virtual Environment, and Cloud Computing


  • Ted Talks – Lots of great things to listen to – not specifically a Tech related but a wealth of great topics to listen to

EUC – End User Computing

  • EUC Podcast
    • Description
      •  The End User Computing Podcast ( is a community driven podcast for IT Professionals. The content covered on the EUC Podcast is primarily geared toward community support and enablement for application, desktop, and server virtualization technologies
  • Frontline Chatter Podcast
    • Description
      • Frontline Chatter is a community podcast focusing on the End User Computing (EUC) market and it’s community.
  • Ask Eric by +xenappblog 
    • Description
      • Eric gets a lot of emails from his blog visitors and customers of his training. Many of the questions are being repeated time after time. So, Eric decided to dedicate an entire podcast show to answering your questions instead! Each episode is only 5-8 minutes

There are others I listen to and the EUC ones are fairly new and I am looking forward to seeing how those develop.

This isn’t all of them that I listen to but now my question to you is what podcasts or things do you listen to?