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  • Is this thing still on?

    Certainly 2020 has been an interesting year we won’t forget soon, this year has caused me to do some reflection and I realized one of the things i miss doing is blogging and documenting random things that come up in my day to day job, training and tid bits I learn along the way, failures and successes. I personally find value for me in that it helps me retain the knowledge and others have shared with me in the past they found things that were valuable to them.

    So what does that mean,  I am going to start blogging again pretty actively. I am going to reload my lab and start from scratch and document it both in my on-prem lab and the cloud (Azure, AWS, and GCP) for various things listed further below. 

    My blog will probably focus on a mix of the following that come up in my day to day job in End User Computing (EUC) space, some will be detailed, some will be micro-blogs for a particular thing. Below is a list of topics that may come up but not all inclusive.

    • Citrix EUC solutions
    • VMware EUC solutions, may do some datacenter here and there too
    • Microsoft – WVD, Azure, M365/O365, AD, Cloud Services, SSO, MFA, FSLogix and more
    • Nutanix – Files, Frame
    • Liquidware
    • F5
    • AWS

    Of particular focus for me will be certification walkthroughs based on the exam guides, i have several on the list this year.

    First blogs up will be around my lab and the following certs

    Is there anything you want to see and talk about? Let me know in the comments