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  • Nvidia Grid M10 Released: All about the density

    I have long thought that GPUs and VDI/SBC workloads should and will become ubiquitous, you can read more on my thoughts on that here.  One of the key challenges has been getting the density and number of users per server to acceptable levels. NVIDIA has made strong progress on that front with the release of the M10 GRID cards which are capable of supporting up to 64 vGPUs or users per card with two cards per box pushing up to 128 vGPUs/users. I think target usage will be around 100 users per server with two (2) NVIDIA Tesla M10 cards installed.

    Below are the specs for the NVIDIA Grid TESLA M10

    NVIDIA GRID M10 Specs

    I think this is going to go a long way to helping making GPU’s more ubiquitous in EUC scenarios such as VDI or SBC. For more details check out the official announcement on the NVIDIA website.

    Cannot wait to get my hands on my one.