Do you need a Lab? Here is your chance

Do you need a Lab? I know that I do. I was blessed for years with access to a corporate lab. This lab was a critical piece of my infrastructure, it is where I tested new things, practiced and mastered new skills. Without my lab I would not be where I am today, I doubt I would have my VCP and other certifications and definitly not as quickly without access to that lab. There is a giveaway in progress but you must act fast to jump on this great oppurtunity.

Recently when I left my previous company I lost access to that resource and that is sorely missed. I am slowly working on getting pieces for my lab but I don’t expect it to be complete until the latter part of next year. So I ask, do you need a lab, if so your in luck BrownBag sessions have put together a giveaway that you can enter by sending in a short video of who you are and why you need a lab. I highly recommend entering this contest and following the brownbags if your interested in VMware certifications and knowledge.

Things you could win. Go to the official site above for more information but do so quickly, the contest ends at MIDNIGHT on 12/13.


Yes, books. In fact a small vSphere library to get you started down the road. Each one of the books is being contributed by their author or through the author to the publisher.


Possibly the best vSphere video training out there (and not just because they’re sponsors), but because from personal experience, they’re damn good.


Yes, gear. What kind of learning experience would it be if we gave you all this wonderful stuff to learn about and nothing to practice on. In that vein we’ve had a number of vendors step up and contribute some gear.


How else to test it, but with some software.

  • Thanks to Jason Langer for throwing in a copy of VMware Workstation! Boom!
  • Also, John Troyer from VMware has thrown in a 365 Day Eval of vSphere and a full license of VMware Fusion

Live Training

Exam Vouchers

Courtesy of Jon Hall at VMware, we have 5x VCP Vouchers to hand out. 1 to the winner, 4 to some random runners up.


What lab would be complete without some accessories? Jason Boche is going to throw in for a vCalendar!

Make sure you enter soon, the contest ends MIDNIGHT ON 12/13