Windows 8 Citrix Reciever Preview In Windows Store

For you early adopters of Windows 8 whether it be a laptop, tablet or even a virtual machine. Citrix announced the release of the Citrix Reciever for Windows 8 Preview is available in the Windows Store. I look forward to testing this client in my new lab.

From the official article

The Preview version can be used with Intel- or ARM-based Windows 8 devices and leverages the key capabilities in Windows 8 devices to provide follow-me apps and desktops, touch-enabled app selection, the ability to search apps via Windows 8 charms, and instant app and desktop access through Pin to Start.  It supports native Win 8 style (Metro) gestures as well as in-session and network printing.

Citrix Receiver for Win 8/RT 

Use the  Microsoft Store to locate it or  access it directly by clicking here

You’ll need the Windows 8 RTM (release to manufacturing) version on your device.  You’ll also need CloudGateway Express ( Storefront Services ) for desktop and applications access and a properly-configured Access Gateway (Enterprise Edition) for remote access.  Future versions will use CloudGateway Enterprise for single sign on access to all of your web and SaaS apps.You can also use the Preview version with our Virtual Computer Demo Center.

For system requirements and set up procedures refer to  Receiver for Win 8/RT eDocs.

It needs to be noted that the standard Citrix Receiver for Windows is an option for Intel-based devices.
It installs on the Windows 8 desktops and  provides our most advanced features, such as HDX optimizations for Lync, RemoteFX support, and  follow-me data with CloudGateway 2 and ShareFile.

You can share your feedback and  obtain support for either version by posting issues on the Using Receiver on Windows 8 Forum.