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    You have probably all heard about the upstart Cisco entering the blade market a few years ago with the UCS platform. Have you always wanted to get your hands on it but you don’t want to buy your own, not everyone can have UCS at home or even work. Well here is your chance to. Cisco has a UCS emulator currently on version 2.0 that you can run as a virtual machine in your VMware virtual environment.

    You can find the download here
    Click here to download.

    Cisco UCS Platform Emulator is packaged as a compact virtual machine (VM) with the CentOS open source
    Linux distribution. This VM can run a Cisco UCS Manager multichassis, multiblade simulation on a laptop
    or desktop computer and does not require an internet connection.Cisco UCS Platform Emulator is delivered as a zip file. The filename of the zip file includes the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator release number, such as
    Cisco_UCS_Platform_Emulator_v2.0.99180.370305.zip. The file size is approximately 300
    to 400 MB.


    Before installing Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, ensure the system meets the following requirements:
    • 1 GB free RAM
    • 6 GB disk space
    • 1.8-GHz single CPU
    • A Mozilla-compatible browser (Firefox or Google Chrome)

    • Java Runtime Environment 1.6 that you can download from